Thursday, July 14, 2011

King Moving Services

Dixi and I moved last weekend.  We were dreading the entire ordeal because of past bad experiences with moving company's.  But after hiring King Moving Services, we won't be using anyone else ever again.

We had received several bids for the job and all seemed to be pretty expensive for the amount of furniture and boxes that needed to be moved.  Then I came across Erin Thomas, and Dixi and I will be telling people about him  any time we hear about someone moving.

We had him scheduled for 9am on Saturday.  I explained that we had a 3 hour window in which to get everything moved.  Erin and his helper Ty arrived a few minutes before 9 and had a look around to see what all we had, and then got straight to work.  They even brought their own dolly's and furniture pads.  To our amazement, they had just about everything loaded within an hour and a half.  They were extremely polite and efficient throughout the entire time.  They even had the truck unloaded in just under an hour!  And the best part - NOTHING was damaged in any way.

A long time ago I was in customer service training at Dell.  One of the things they showed us was a statistic on customer satisfaction.  I don't remember the actual numbers involved, but it basically said this:
 If you provide good customer service, the customer will tell 5 people over a period of 3 years.  But if you provide bad customer service, the customer will tell 15 people over a period 2 years.  
Again, the numbers probably aren't correct in that statement, but the general concept is there.  And Erin Thomas provided EXCEPTIONAL customer service.  I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking to hire a moving company in the Austin area.

These are the gentlemen that moved us.  Ty on the left, Erin Thomas on the right.  If you're moving and looking to hire someone, these are the guys to hire.

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  1. My roommates and I used a moving service called King in Montreal once. The driver smelled of booze, and at the end of the day, we are pretty sure we were missing some boxes because a few kitchen items never turned up in the unpacking process (we then pictured them laughing over dacquiris made with our missing blender and burgers made on our missing Foreman grill).

    Glad you had a better experience with your King.

  2. Kev,
    Thanks for stopping by! I don't usually post any kind of review on here - generally save that for Yelp or other places. But these guys were simply fantastic and well worth the money.