Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shoe Fetish

Dixi and I have a shoe fetish.  Notice that I included myself in that.  My fetish just isn't quite as strong as hers.

These are usually lined up on the floor of the bedroom. She says it's because these are the ones that she wears on a regular basis. In actuality it's because we have no more room on the floor in the bedroom closet. And this is just one spot of the bedroom floor. There's another spot in the bedroom where there's more shoes lined up all nice and pretty. And lets not forget about the pair of Doc Marten sandals underneath the little stool next to the jewelry box. Or the cute little flip-flops that she wears around the house next to those.

But Dixi isn't to blame entirely on her own here.  I'm just as guilty when it comes to shoes.  The majority of the shoes in that picture up there I actually bought for her.  I enjoy getting shoes for Dixi.  But I also enjoy buying shoes for myself.  It's just that I've figured out how to buy shoes for me without incurring the wrath of Dixi.  And the secret is to buy her a pair or three when I buy a pair for myself.

And that's how these shoes came to be living in our home this past week.

That pair over there on the right?  Yeah.  The brown ones.  Those are mine.  Found them on eBay a couple of weeks ago and won the bid for them.  But at the same time, I found THREE pairs for Dixi on eBay as well.  All told, we (I) spent less than $60 for all of them.  Of course, there were probably another 4 pair that Dixi just "had to have" but common sense did prevail and we settled on these 4 pair.

I've got another pair that I have my eye on, but I probably won't bid on any right now.

Not because I wouldn't like to have them, but because I haven't found any for Dixi to even it out.
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