Friday, January 28, 2011

Dumb Tattoos

Can anyone explain this kind of thing to me?  Evidently some rapper named T-Pain(?) had the Facebook 'like' button tattoo'd on his arm.  What's he going to do when Facebook goes the way of MySpace, GeoCities and TheGlobe?  I have a feeling that this is going to be irrelevant and probably covered up in less than 5 years as something new will definitely come along.  Not only that, but it's even spelled wrong.  Where is the apostrophe in "don't"?  Think that would qualify him for a refund?

But then again, there's always the folks that get a tattoo of their idol.  Although I'm sure I've seen pictures of Britney Spears lately and she doesn't look like that anymore.  Of course, she's been know to go off the deep end from time to time so with any luck this may actually be her look again.  Literally.  And the proud owner of this tattoo may need to go back into the ink shop soon.  Last I heard Britney has a couple new tattoo's, one of which is on her neck.  So this guy may need a touch up.

And then there's this guy.  Now I like chicken as much as the next guy but even this is taking things a little too far.  I'm also wondering if he's actually a Cajun?  And is he as lucky as David Letterman with his "Biscuit for Life" card or Beyonce Knowles with her "Chicken for Life" card?  And looking at that belly makes me wonder if they serve beer at his Popeyes as well.

Regardless, I'm still of the opinion that T-Pain's newest tattoo should be placed in the "what were you thinking category".  But at least he isn't this guy.

I guess this what everyone is talking about when I hear the term "truth in advertising".

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  1. I have never gotten a tattoo mostly because I am too fickle. Tattoos last a long time, I change my mind every few months.

  2. Dixi and I have a few between us. After a while, you forget you even have them.

  3. Love seeing the dumb tattoos....because they always, always inspire a big, "WHY??" When getting mine reinked, I saw the COOLEST tattoo displayed in a frame upon the wall; it was of a retro paper doll, with outfits [tabbed] alongside. Couldn't be done, however, because it was a copywrited piece from an artist. <-- i thought that entire concept was just as fascinating.