Friday, January 21, 2011

A First Post

Hmmm.  What to say here.  I have a few thoughts on things to write about, but I can't decide if I should just jump right into it, or maybe give some background on Arguendo and Dixi.

Let me just start in with how our morning started.

I generally drive Dixi to work.  It gives me a reason to get out of the house and, to be honest, I enjoy taking her and picking her up.  Dixi works for a state agency and has the luxury of choosing her hours.  So we typically have her at work at 6:00am.  But with the holiday this past week she doesn't have the ability to work overtime, so she's been going in at 7:00am instead.

This morning we're headed to her office.  The speed limit on this particular stretch of road is 45 mph.  I regularly drive the speed limit and I fully expect others on the road to drive it as well.  If they don't feel like doing that, then my feeling is that they should move to the right and let the rest of us by.

That didn't happen this morning.  Nope.  This morning, I got behind the guy going 30 in the left lane, while there was another vehicle in the right lane doing about the same.  The jerk in front of me decided to keep pace with the vehicle to his right.  So for about 8 miles I got to follow behind this idiot as he blocked me and backed up traffic behind me.    Dixi calls these people Self Appointed Traffic Regulators.

You've seen them.  They do the exact same thing this guy did.  They do it on one lane roads.  They do it on major highways.  They're the waste of space the keeps side by side with the vehicle to their right and keeps everyone behind them cussing and screaming.

I told Dixi that next time, I'm seriously thinking I'm just gonna give one of them a little bump.  Get their attention.

After all, our vehicle is paid for.  We have insurance.

I'd settle for the ticket.
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